IYWD members stood up for their inclusion in a school BEAM Committee

Young women attending a School Development (SDC) meeting at Trojan Mine Primary School to elect a new chairperson for the BEAM committee almost boycotted the meeting following a decision by the majority of the participants in the meeting mostly men to choose a men for the post of the chairperson which was previously held by yet another man whom the community accused of misusing the educational support funds during his term. The men having been the majority at the meeting almost made a unanimous agreement to appoint another man, without putting the issue to vote. This angered the women who were at the meeting. A young woman member of IYWD present stood up and questioned why the men keep on nominating each other yet the committees continued to mismanage school resources at the expense of young girls and boys who needed the support for their education. The men tried to defend their nomination and all the young women who were at the meeting stood up and threatened to boycott the meeting. The men feeling the situation getting out of hand called back the women to the meeting where the post was re-declared vacant and put to vote. The majority of the women present were young women and members of IYWD. They seized the opportunity and collectively voted for Tambudzai for the post of the chairperson. This was such a historic action at Trojan Mine were people were accustomed to having men make appointees of other men into positions unchallenged. The young women celebrated their victory and it is indeed a reflection of power in numbers and speaking with one voice. The IYWD is proud and congratulates Tambudzai on her new leadership position.     

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