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Bring back our girls!

More and more it is no longer about the girls, but about selfish interests. We are stirred that our missing Nigerian sisters, now seem to be just but poker chips in a poker game through celebrity marketing, organisations positioning for fundraising for girls; Nigerian politicians eyeing the 2015 elections; regional, global politics and security mind games all framed as legitimate responses to rescue the Chibok girls. At first even the president did not even treat the matter with the urgency it deserves; to him it was probably an incident out of the ordinary. Young women are abducted every so often and it is normal he did not see the need to sound the alarm bells. This commodification of the plight of the African women and children should not be left to go on. Someone is most probably going to make a movie out of this incident, and the royalties and proceeds will never reach the girls and the women, in Chibok; more militarisation will happen and maybe more sophisticated guns and technology for tracking will be bought, when schools have no books. More fundraisers will be held for Chibok and Nigeria girls and the funds may never reach the village. Our sisters in the meanwhile are in captive, abused and bruised, waiting for someone to rescue them. If they are found and rescued, they will be celebrated and then be forgotten. One may write or live to tell the story, but this world will have moved on. My appeal to everyone is, let it be genuinely about the GIRLS and as IYWD we are with the girls in spirit and pray for their safe return.

In the meantime we condemn the ban of the Bring Back Our Girls movement in Nigeria by theNigerian police and appeal to our Nigerian counterparts to remain resolute and persist in using all lawful means to sustain peaceful advocacy for the safe rescue of the Chibok Girls.


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